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Mar 3

The Web as the Wild West: Lose one password and you risk everything.

Gawker Hacked on TwitterThe password fears that have been floating around the net for over a week are a very interesting case study for the history of the internet.  When hackers exploited a security hole in the Gawker Media network’s servers they came out with a huge list of user credentials.  So anyone that has a “commenting account” in one of Gawker Media’s websites (i.e. LifehackerGizmodoGawker) has had their username/password combination released to the public at large – by the way, we’re talking about 1.3 million registered users – this is serious enough that the FBI is on the case.

The reason I’m writing this is because the implications of this security breach go far beyond the Gawker Media network and stand to ruin operations for most of the web’s largest operations.  It’s a shame that this happened all because of Gawker network’s websites, dutiful contributors to the net’s infoglut of cheap information – nevertheless, it happened.  Especially shameful is that Gawker CEO Nick Denton asked for it…literally – in an internal Gawker message he challenged the infamous internet god/vandalism website 4Chan tobring it on.

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